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LavaLoon provides integrated business models through its solution LavaDo, which consists of:

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Middle ware

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Mobile app

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IOT internet of things

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The usage and utilization of these components varies from a business to another, but the most important thing is providing all needed business functions well integrated in one solution, In addition easy to integrate with other systems and services.

Run your tasks, operations & business in one app.

LavaDo contains set of business modules service different business models; all of that in form of SaaS model with competitive plans show in the. product plans Pick your business model and the plan that fit your business needs and it’s our pleasure to join our success partners.

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Our story

Our journey started more than two decades ago with a group of technology enthusiasts who had a dream of solving the technical pains that businesses & organizations face, helping them achieve a smooth digital transformation.

In 2004, our founders delivered their first full-fledged project with smashing success and went on to work on their dream.

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