Diversified Business Models

We focus on creating diversified, innovative, user-friendly
business models that help businesses acheive sucess.

Our Business Models


A Vehicle booking app that provides all rental agencies with the smart solution for running their fleet management operations. Scan each vehicle upon the check out to the client and check in to the garage. Enjoy accessing the control panel which allows you to configure the whole check in/out process, to include all the steps you need in running smooth & accurate rental system (such as car health, time of checking, mileage…etc.), without even referring to us. The app has the ability to capture and handle any business configuration adjustments on its own, with no need for additional technical interfering from our side.



An efficient business model that will give a company control over inbound freight, keep inventory at optimal levels, organize the reverse flow of goods, and utilize freight moves on the proper transportation modes - all of which can cut costs significantly. Management can access, search and review all details and information on all shipping orders for the scheduled containers, and approve any extra expenses or status change. Employee's features, including but not limited to:

Employee's features, including but not limited to:
  • Create Sales Order & Containers
  • Monitor & Control Tracking Order & Containers
Customer's features, including but not limited to:
  • Approve Quotation
  • Track Container's GPS location


With this module, you can easily perform the key functions of the Human Resources department, and automate the Human Resources process of your company by having quick access to basic employees’ information, managing it and generating valuable reports. Enjoy improved HR process, reduced errors and well-informed core HR decisions. Utilizing the employees’ effort and time is so important for the cost optimization with a high level of monitoring and control. Help your organization make more benefit, be more productive and acknowledge your employees’ extra effort, with automated system that allows you to control the HR operations process.



Manage the entire life cycle of a student from A to Z. Our LMS covers the education journey, starting from enrollment, attendance, evaluation all the way to proceeding to the next level. Solution Components:

  • Web portal - Frontend
  • Learning Management System - Backend
  • Education master data
  • Curriculum management
  • Curriculum management
  • Admission Management
  • Scheduling & Attendance Tracking
  • Assessment Management
  • Financial Management


The solution covers the patient journey, across the different
departments and stakeholders like doctors, nurses, and managers:

  • The patient journey
  • Receive patient
  • Patient encounter
  • Testing & diagnosis
  • Treatment & discharge
LavaDo Healthcare solution
  • Consultation management
  • Patient management
  • Practitioner management
  • Laboratory management
  • Rehabilitation & physiotherapy
  • Stock management



Our Manufacturing solution can help your business achieve high levels of productivity and efficiency while increasing product quality and profits,

  • Automate and streamline business operations
  • Reduce Costs
  • Provide accurate data & improve decision-making
  • Respond to market conditions quicker

Integration with different systems

Standalone Complete Solution:

LavaDo will be configured as standalone solution.

Integrating with other systems:

LavaDo will integrate with your system that works as a backend of the support service.

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